the galleries gather a selection of current projects/interests. 

this site is mainly driven by the words in The Liminal Eye
and the Works In Progress galleries offer samples of what drives the writings.

while the writings are part of a workflow in my photography,
the photographs here are not part of how the internet can be used in a  workflow.
that is, photos are posted "for fishing" at social sites ( flickr, 500px, etc), 
then they are thinned and collected as projects to Dunked [ link ].
in working with the projects, related writings may be posted here,
with the intent of collecting the projects and writings into book-form.
further thinning the photos from the projects,
the books are, for now, printed by blurb [ link ].
finally, the work is further thinned for a final portfolio resting place:
A Touching Display [ link ].

the galleries here are culled photos for enjoyment and representation,
and not to form any sort of portfolio or selection of what is best.