and of course, we listen to feedback.

a realization came into being that, yes, social-photosites were not of great interest to me. blame facebook. why? because I was "contributing" to social-photosites as a currency to maintain a social interaction, but it was not seeking anyone new. frankly, the facile opinions of the internets would hardly be useful in terms of enjoying or pursuing photography. as I read in a post from a friend (on facebook, of course): "telling me I'll never be successful at instagram if I don't start using hashtags."

and that is it, isn't? if one does not want to be socially/internets successful, then we have to use such sites for another purpose. that is, they are a clutch for us doing things differently, in a way that, say, mobile photography can alter what we photograph, and how we photograph it.

with this realization, it was obvious to close my flickr and 500px accounts, and then figure out what's next. at the same time, there was some feedback that this site was not pushing the photography hard enough: it was confusing to find the photos and see what was the new work.

the irony? the new work was very much mobile-focused and very suitable to the social-photosites. that is, it is experimentations with the phone and compact camera in a laissez-faire way, as in pointing to a direction, but then exercising some control. then quickly process within the mobile platform and upload. there would be interruptions to use other cameras at concerts and for portraits. but seriously, it was more about studying with the phone and compact cameras.

* behold the new site *

now the landing page Works is an index to the categories of photographies that are pursued, and in some cases, some projects. the photos can be readily browsed through the sampling at each gallery presented. for better assembled works, the Portfolio section has the works of portraits, series and concert photography.

the first item in the thumbnails at Works is Singly. that is, the idea of posting with increased regularity a single photograph with a single paragraph (if needed) that hints at random pursuits, or a series being gathered. in other words, Singly takes the place of all the social-photosites into one location, with no worries about faves/likes, views... or hashtags.

the blog remains for collected works, or gatherings from trips.