concert: Sad Lovers & Giants

sometimes crazy things are done, and one of them is to coordinate European trips to attend concerts. I had never been to Berlin, and the chance came up to visit the city with a friend (from another city) and see Sad Lovers & Giants for the first time. I brought the massive gear, after all, some clubs are (practically) candle lit.

a big surprise was how much I came to like Berlin (over just four days), and that the concert photographic experience was to be so defining.

by then, I had a few ways to approach concert photography:

  1.  don't take too many photos.
  2.  need to photograph over the entire concert.
  3.  stand in one place, and stay put: concert attendance first, photography second.
  4.  look for the performer's "decompression moment" [ link ]
  5.  in low light, just fixed-focus on the microphone and let all else be as it will be.
  6.  think that a portrait is much better than kerrang! moments.

the downside for this concert was to have close-enough and unobstructed view only for Garçe and Tony, so they dominated the photos. luckily, the photos gathered the attention of Garçe, and I was able to secure a better vantage point later in the year when they played London. (did I mention how sometimes crazy things are done?)


selected photos posted to the Concert Portfolio [ link ]