the 37 minute homework

it is great to bring gear on a trip, and then to gather it, get all enthusiastic about the photowalks and what can be found. that is not what happened here. yes, yes, I packed 3 cameras, a suite of lenses, a tripod and they were not used. 

well, except for the compact and the phone.

not surprisingly, Los Angeles traffic ate up most of my time, and it was after a quick lunch, and before heading to the airport, that the industrial neighborhood (where the lunch Café is located) offered some 37 minutes to walk about and take some photos. the Walt Disney Concert Hall photo was taken while attending a concert, and was the only photo taken prior to the photowalk.

here are the fruits of it. the photos were taken with the iPhone 5S or the Fuji X20, and then "developed" with Snapseed's (Tune and Crop modules) on the phone or iPad, then applied the Film NC-1G* preset from the CameraBag2 app and adjustments made with the controls offered.

as usual, the photos are framed square (with the phone) and 16x9 with the Fuji. with these photos, and the 16x9 it is about simple subjects with a 1/3 layered framing — either vertically or horizontally. thus, industrial and people-less scenes are perfect for it.

the photowalk is not about taking amazing photos, but to think differently, execute and provide a challenge to the confined photograph that present the area, but also abstract it into something that belies its industrial nature.

* the Film NC-1B for black and white conversion

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