the writings can be classified into three categories, all of which are dynamic topics to any photographer. aside from these three categories, there is a category called On Photography to present my thoughts encompassing one or more of the three categories. while the world is viewed with a camera, certain aspects of the photographer within photography resides merely in words.

all writings are a different means, and complementary, to the creative process of making a photograph, and are propelled by the observations made within a frame of time... thus they are not building up to any kind of grand/academic scheme of how to view photography, but rather, it could lead to the author determining how photography is viewed by him. 

-kodiak xyza





unlike the On Photography posts, these are general discussions of photography in general, as it relates to topics within the internet, or in traditional means of photography. these posts may include a rare discussion on equipment.  discussions on photographic styles are posts within this classification.

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without doubt, certain photographs are iconic — by their sheer brilliance, or influence, or so many reasons. in these writings, the discussions can center on a specific photograph, or  a series of photographs from the same (or distinct) photographers.

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a photographer, by the very nature of photography, may never rest in the process that forms the means by which photographs are produced. in these writings, topics include how to cope with the struggles of the creative process. additionally, writings on specific photographers and their work are presented.


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